I'm not Jon Stewart. :-/

You scored 40% Totality, 80% Awesomeness, 70% Randomness, and 30% Conceptitude!

You're Ignignokt the Mooninite, and John Stewart is interviewing you
for some reason. I'm not sure why. Please don't spank me with moon

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not much else to say on that one.

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yoinked this one from demure_carp

Think of your favorite underrated film, type the name into Google and
do an image search. Find the best pic and then post it in your journal,
but don't say what the name of the movie is! Once you post the picture,
it's up to your friends to figure out what the movie is from the pic
you posted!
Not the remake

It was a fairly famous movie in its time, but had a couple of remakes done, which got progressively worse.  The most recent remake completely destroyed the original purpose/plot of the movie.

meh... taxes

it's not that they're hard. it's that I have to wait until Monday for dad to get around to sending me my previous years tax information. MEH! Work's going all right, still haven't heard back from grad school, and my cataloging course is still going all right, other than the fact that I always want to spell it cataloguing. Inserting the U, while still appropriate, has gone out of vogue in the LIS world, for the more simplified spelling. Unfortunately, I loves me the complicated spellings.

In other news, I am very worried about the freedom of Information in this country, not because of anything specific that bush did at this moment, but because of actions by the Library of Congress. About 170 of their top catalogers were paid about $25k each to go into early retirement to cut down on the cataloging budget. In addition, a recent article from a well known preservationist at the LoC attacked the necessity of cataloging, and the amount of money the library of congress spends on it in a year, offering google, and other search engines as alternatives. Not everything is available online, and even with all that is available online, there is currently no bibliographic control. By that, I mean that whatever search you use, yes you may get the information you want, but it will be necessary to wade through pages upon pages of entries containing $^%#$%. There is more information on many topics available in print than online. Yes, online resources are wonderful, but they are not everything.

Lastly Rex the mountain lion is the department of homeland security's new mascot that is going to go around to schools and teach young children the necessity of disaster preparedness. O. and he has a family. Purrcilla his wife, and a daughter named Rory. A DAUGHTER named Rory...
My big complaint is that I don't want kids learning idiotic "disaster preparedness" routines that a) they will never have to use and b) are fairly useless. C) I'm assuming they are targeting kids so that the children will badger their parents about it. If/when I have kids, I will just explain to them politely that duct tape, and plastic sheeting will do nothing in the face of a supposed attack.
*sigh* At least the mascot isn't noticably based off of a texas ranger. o. wait.... it is. never mind.

both anode and cathode today.

anode : Beth wrote a really sweet LJ entry about me, finished my LIS class, got to help and hang out with Coey and I'm going back to work in two weeks which means that I may, at some point, have a positive cash flow. Going to see parents tomorrow means I get to see my brother and grandma.

cathode : Nervous about visiting parentals, have worked about 4 days this summer, Health insurance wanted to hit me with a big bill (which I since figured out that I don't have to pay), lots of housework, tired after LIS test, no matter how well I think I did, and no one bothered to tell me there was no game today until I was already at the house. Strike that... I was there at 7, and two of the players were there. I left briefly to help move Coey, and when I came back at 7:30 I was informed there was no game...
Normally figured it would have been decent of SOMEONE to let me in on the little secret that game was cancelled. Especially since Coey helped me make an extra trip out for my bike so I could bike back after game.
GRRRRRR... David's in a depressive swing right now, and nothing's really helping...Possibly will feel better when Beth gets home, or I grab a rest.

thank's Adin

On an odd note, I'm sort of annoyed that the role playing game that I play on Thursdays was apparently cancelled without anyone telling me... Unfortunately I assume wraith is probably off Friday also, but I would like some form of confirmation if anyone can give it.

Wraith is on for tomorrow, and game today was held. It's just that no one was picking up the phone at all, so I had no idea.

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